48th Internationaler Eifel - Pokal

from August 25. to August 27. 2017

at Zülpich

 Ausrichter ist die IG Eifelpokal: Im Auftrag des Sportausschuss Freiflug im DaeC.eV



The proofs of the 48th Eifel-Pokal are to be reserved to model aircrafts of classes FIA,FIB,FIC,Q and are organized according to the Sporting Code rules, section 1-4, of the FAI and is incorporated in the FAI Contest Calendar 2017.

Competitor groups will be formed and will be allocated a timing post with two different time-keepers for each round.

Scoring will be individual. The best five pilots of each class will be awarded cups, the winners

will also receive Challenge-cups.

There will be no separate junior contest.

Participants must hold a valid FAI licence for aero modelling for the year 2017.

All participants will be receive souvenirs of the Eifel - Pokal.


Thursday,  Aug. 24. 2017  Arrival of competitors/training

                                           Distribution of the contest documents from 6,00 p.m. to 8,00 p.m.

Friday,       Aug. 25. 2017   8,00 a.m., classes FIB and FIC/Q

Saturday,   Aug  26. 2017   8,00 a.m., class FIA

Sunday,     Aug. 27. 2017   Reserve day

Place and time from victory- ceremony will be announced.


The entering fee amount for the 48th Eifel - Pokal is EURO 35,00 for one class. If you want to start

in more than one class the fee for any further class is EURO 20,00. Juniors born before Jan 01.1999

pays EURO 15,00 for each class.

Registration should be made before August 13, 2017  Online:  www.eifelpokal.de         


Payment to: Bernd Hönig                                            eifelpokal(at)online.de

Stadtsparkasse Bergkamen-Bönen

IBAN. DE73410518450006210637  SWIFT-BIC. WELADED1BGK

Or Cash by the registration.

Please: No Money in Letter please!


Attention / Important

 100% increase in case of enrolment on the flying field on the same day, when the

 Competition starts.

It is suggested that the return of models in the field by cars or motorcycles forbidden!

Even in case of longer distance from the camping area to the starting poles they have to be walked!

Camping is allowed from Wednesday. If you like to stay in hotel, please contact one of the hotels, mentioned on the homepage Eifelpokal.de


We urgently need timekeepers!! We would appreciate helpers, guests or competitors who only

fly one class to volunteer to become timekeeper on their free day. Timekeepers will receive

EURO 10,00 each per day, and our Eifel - Pokal memorabilia.

We wish  you a good arrival and good luck for the 48th Eifel - Pokal.


Interessengemeinschaft „Eifelpokal       

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